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Perhaps one of the most important tests that needs to be performed on your vehicle every year is your MOT.

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MOTs are required every 12 months for all vehicles over the age of three years. Yet many drivers are often confused by exactly what is checked and inspected during an MOT test. Here’s an overview of the elements we check during an MOT (and if you need FREE pre-MOT test advice, just get in touch or ask us on-site).

You can find out more information about what we look for when undertaking an MOT, by reading the Government’s MOT inspection checklist.

What happens if your vehicle fails its MOT?

Our ATA-trained technicians will thoroughly undertake your MOT and ensure that your vehicle is keeping you as safe as possible when on the roads. If your vehicle fails its MOT, we’ll provide you with a written report as to why. Our mechanics will be on hand to show you the areas of failure, and explain what is needed in order for your car to pass. They’ll then provide a quotation that will handle any remedial work. You’re under no obligation to go ahead with our quote, however if you do, your re-test will then be free from charge.

Servicing – Full and interim

Servicing provides many benefits, such as protecting your warranty, helping to ensure your car holds onto its value general maintenance that keeps your car running smoothly, avoiding expensive repairs. We offer full, interim and major services for your car, depending on your requirements and can undertake your service at the same time as your MOT for an additional saving.

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Do we provide class 7 MOTs?

Yes – no problem at all. We offer both class 4 MOTs (which covers cars), in addition to class 7 MOTs (which is suited for vehicles that weigh in at between 3 and 3.5 tonnes).

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