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Straight-forward diagnostic testing in Gosport

AMG The Garage can help uncover, explore and diagnose vehicle problems quickly – usually our diagnostic testing takes less than an hour. A diagnostic test is useful for finding any potential faults within your vehicle or highlighting components not working as effectively as they should be. If you see a dashboard warning light, or you suspect your vehicle isn’t running as well as it normally does, book a diagnostic appointment with AMG The Garage today.

What is a car diagnostics test?

All modern vehicles feature an array of computer systems, controlled by the ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU is also responsible for recording data about elements such as vehicle emissions and engine temperature. A car diagnostics test involves the use of advanced computer equipment that connects to your car in order to ‘read’ its data and then highlight where the anomalies are. Our experienced mechanics can then interpret this data and explain to you what needs to be fixed in order for your vehicle to run normally again.

Honest and affordable diagnostic testing

Our mechanics are passionate about keeping your vehicle running and keeping you safe on the roads around Gosport. This is reflected through the reliable quality of our work and the opening lines of communication we maintain with our customers. What’s more, you’ll only ever pay on completion of all the work and we’ll never undertake any unnecessary repair work or carry out any repairs before you’ve approved them.

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If your vehicle doesn’t seem to be running as well as normal, or a warning light is illuminated on your dashboard, book a diagnostic appointment with AMG The Garage today to get to the root of the problem. Either give us a call between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday or 8:30am and 12:30pm on Saturdays or use our online booking tool, available 24/7. It’s quick and easy to use and all you need to enter is your vehicle registration number and when you’d like your appointment to be – we’ll only ever ask for payment after the work has been completed.

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