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You’ll need your air-conditioning system on top-form during the hot summer months to avoid uncomfortable journeys – but that means you’ll need to look after it all-year round. Even during the winter months, your air-conditioning is useful for demisting your windscreen and filtering bacteria and pollen out of the cabin. Therefore, it is essential to get it serviced every two years or if you suspect it isn’t working as efficiently as it once was.

When to get your air-conditioning system serviced

There are a number of symptoms of a fault within your air-conditioning system. If you notice a funny smell coming from your air-conditioning system, a lack of cool air when your air-conditioning is switched on or it doesn’t produce cold air at all, then it’s time to book an appointment with AMG The Garage to get your air-conditioning system serviced.

What’s included in your air conditioning service?

Your air-conditioning system loses around 10% efficiency every year due to natural loss of refrigerant gas. However, a leaky or poorly maintained system could lose much more. Our air-conditioning service includes a refill of your system refrigerant, in addition to a refill of its lubricating oil. Throughout the service we will also check the system for signs of damage – replacing any seals that are giving way to ensure your system holds onto as much of its gas as possible.

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