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Tackling vehicle problems with cutting edge car diagnostics equipment

AMG Garage can help uncover, explore and diagnose vehicle problems quickly and free from fuss. Our car diagnostics appointments typically take less than an hour – and you’re free to wait in our comfortable customer waiting area until the test is complete.

Car diagnostics can also reset your service light, adjust your handbrake (where the handbrake is electric) and alter the level of your headlights.

What is a car diagnostics test?

All modern cars feature an array of computing systems – with the ECU (Engine Control Unit) governing much of how your car operates. The ECU is also responsible for recording data about elements such as vehicle emissions and engine temperature. A car diagnostics test involves the use of advanced computer equipment that connects to your car in order to ‘read’ its data.

Car diagnostics can diagnose vehicle problems before they progress onwards to becoming more serious – it can also explore why a warning light may have appeared on the dash, or why an error code is showing up.

Once our technicians have discovered the issue that you’re faced with, they’ll explain exactly what the problem is. They’ll also explain what the remedial efforts are to fix the problem – and provide a quote in the process. You can then either choose to move ahead with our repair services, or be on your way.

Are there any more charges to pay for our car diagnostics service?

Our fixed price is all that you pay for the test itself. If we discover that work is required on your car, we’ll always speak with you beforehand to get the go-ahead. It’s also worth noting that you’re not obliged to book your car diagnostics with your original dealership.

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