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You likely rely on your air con in the warmest of weather to remain cool and ensure that your daily journey isn’t a torturous one. Should your air con be showing signs of poor performance, or isn’t operating at all, we can help.

Air con servicing – Looking after your air con system all year through

Air con servicing is an essential need if your system is to put in a predictable performance each year. Manufacturers recommend that this is undertaken at least every two years.

It’s also a good idea to use your air con regularly, even in winter, as its components need to move regularly in order to remain lubricated (this can also help avoid an expensive component seizure that will then require a significant repair service).

Noticed your system pumps out a strange smell as soon as it is switched on?

If your system is pumping out an odd smell into your car whenever it’s switched on then your air con needs a thorough anti-bacterial clean. This service is included as part of our air con servicing.

Is your air con becoming less and less efficient?

Your air con will lose around 10% of its charge every year of operation – if your aircon is underperforming then it may need a recharge, or it may be that the system is suffering from a leak. Our air con servicing will get your system back to its operational best.

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What’s included in your air conditioning service?

Our air con servicing includes a refill of your system refrigerant, in addition to a refill of its critical oil. Throughout the service we will also check the system for signs of damage, wear and tear and leaks – replacing any seals that are giving way to ensure your system holds onto as much of its gas as possible.

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